About Pay Raise Prep School and Pat Katepoo

About Pay Raise Prep School

Are you afraid to ask for a raise? It's not just you; lots of career women have told me the same. And the result? You keep putting it off.

Maybe you’re intimidated by your manager—at least when it comes to the topic of salary—so you don’t dare ask for more. Especially since you’re not even sure how much to ask for.

Maybe the thought of rejection of your raise request keeps you quiet. Lots of smart accomplished women have that same fear. So what's a woman to do?

Here’s your answer: Pay Raise Prep School for Women. Here you'll find short-term coaching and convenient online training to conquer your procrastination and fears, plus practical guidance on what to DO and SAY to get agreement from your manager.

Imagine being guided step-by-step to master the pay raise conversation with calm, comfortable confidence so that you finally get the higher salary you’re worth. 

About the Founder

Pat Katepoo

Hi, I’m Pat Katepoo, founder of Pay Raise Prep School for Women, as well as WorkOptions.com—online since 1997—where I have equipped thousands of women to negotiate flexible work, maternity leave, and higher pay. I added salary negotiation coaching to my services in 2006, and the results surprised even me!

I started Pay Raise Prep School so I could reach more career women with the skills training to request and receive the sizable pay raises that my individual clients were getting. Outreach efforts focus on Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, my former profession for more than 20 years. That said, Prep School students come from a wide variety of professions. Please join us on the path to higher pay.

What Others Say

“Following your plan exactly really worked. (I was not even within the median range.) My boss went to bat for me with management. End result: a 14% increase, putting me at the upper end of the median for my position. And the best thing is, I feel confident that I’m worth it and so does the entire management team who reviewed my accomplishment list. Thanks!” Melanie, RDN, Communications Professional, New England

“Your [process] gave me the confidence to ask for what I wanted. Using the strategies to negotiate pay in response to a new job offer, I was able to reach the top of the position’s salary range—a nearly 25% pay increase from the position I left. Thank you!” Laura Koller, RD, CDE

“While working in corporate Human Resources for 20 years, I had multiple men approach me for a raise, and only a handful of women. Working women, you need this program! Following Pat’s pay raise process is the best way to take confident action and prepare yourself for a successful response from your employer.” Andrea Ballard, SPHR, HR Consultant, ExpectingChange.com

What Else You Should Know

Although I’m reaching more and more career women via online training, each of the three courses offered at Pay Raise Prep School is designed to include some level of personal access to me.

Advising smart career women is what I love and do best, and devising negotiation strategies for them is my core strength. Why not benefit from that? I invite you to enroll in my free Pay Raise Strategy Starter Course to begin the process.

The Personal Stuff

I’m a baby boomer who started my career as a registered dietitian. I’m blessed to live in Hawaii where I moved shortly after taking the RD exam in 1980.

My unusual last name is compliments of my husband, who is originally from Bangkok, Thailand. We met in church and got married 1989. We occasionally take in foreign exchange students for short-term stays. So far, we’ve had students from Japan, Thailand, Tajikistan, China, Russia and Ukraine. We also have fun when faraway relatives and friends visit us here.

I like visiting new places, especially foreign countries; reading non-fiction; and learning to read and speak French. There's not even one TV in our home, but I spend way too much time on my computers. 

Just for Fun

Museum Siam

Dressing up at Museum Siam, Bangkok, Thailand

Pat Katepoo of Pay Raise Prep School for Women

Christmas at home w/son + visiting Thai relatives, Kaneohe, HI

Pat Katepoo of Pay Raise Prep School for Women in Chiang Rai mountains

Up in the mountains of Chiang Rai, Thailand

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