You're One Phone Call Away from Soaring Your Salary

You’ve reached the point where you know you need a private coaching session. Sure, you’ve talked to your spouse or friends. You’ve got the how-to facts. Yet…something’s missing. You’re still nervous and not sure about how to ask for what you want, right?

I can help. One session with me, Pat Katepoo, delivers a custom solution for making your request with confidence, then getting the salary ​you want — without being pushy or feeling greedy. 

If you’re serious about getting paid a lot more, one private coaching session can deliver a return on investment of 10x to 50x or more. Do you want to get acquainted first? Book a free 15-minute call.

1. Choose Your Private Coaching Service​


For custom 1-to-1 guidance and preparation before your ​performance review, book this service. Get the parts of the Pay Raise Process you need most: the strategy; the plan; the scripts; the tactics to build confidence. You choose. ​


Before the second interview ​or after the job offer, ​choose this ​custom salary negotiation service. We'll sort your options and devise your numbers as we evaluate the pay package and make a plan for what to do and say to get your desired outcome.


If you're an ​​RDN providing contracted ​ services in home health, long-term care ​or disordered eating, it's time to raise your rates, ​right? ​Get ​​​​​guidance on ​positioning the request, the ​language to use, ​​the new ​amount​ to propose, and more. ​

2. Then Choose Your Session

My fees are based on the expectation that you will get 10x the return on your investment. Since 2006, my clients have enjoyed those results, and more, after a coaching session with me. Why not be next? Get the money you deserve! Book your session today.


The crucial meeting with your manager or interviewer is in a few days and you're in a mild panic. Book this ASAP session and I'll walk you through what to DO and SAY to get thousands of dollars more than what you would otherwise without expert help.
90-minute ASAP session: $495


Finish my signature Salary Accelerator Course ($199 value) then request a 1:1 coaching session of up to 60 minutes ($295 value). This is a savvy choice if you want both solid negotiation training plus custom input and advice for earning more.
Course + coaching session, $399


You're smart and you know the basics of negotiation. You just need an extra dose of expertise and advice. Tell me the issues and obstacles, and where you most need my input to nail your income goal. That will be the focus of our session.
​75 to 90-minute session, $295

A Few Examples of Client Outcomes

Denise Private Practice RDN and Nutrition Consultant
Honolulu, HI

Pat helps me navigate the difficult fee conversations that come up with my institutional clients. Most recently, she coached me to negotiate a 15% fee increase with a client that was hard to budge. But I got it! I need her strategies and advice to help me ask for what I’m worth and it’s working.

Emily Technology Marketing Executive
Atlanta, GA

I was able to secure a 14% pay raise and a reclassification into a new pay grade. As a six-figure earner, this is significant! Pat’s advice allowed me to anticipate conversations and have crisp, confident responses for all possible objections.

Monique RDN, Community Nutritionist in New England

I hired Pat for an ASAP coaching session just before my second interview with a new employer. There was mutual interest, but the salary range fell short of my earnings goal. Once the job offer was made, I used the clever strategies and scripts Pat provided to negotiate a creative solution.

My new salary matches my old one, yet with 25% fewer hours: a 30-hour, four-day workweek, at-home telework arrangement, with benefits. It was a big win for me.