Get ready for a raise in only three days

Pay Raise Prep Crash Course

In a hurry to prep for your pay raise meeting?

Your performance review is coming up fast and you're in a mild panic: you don't have a clear plan for pitching your pay raise. Will you wing it? Or wimp out? Or...

If you're serious about getting the salary you deserve, and you're in a hurry, you need a better approach to the pay raise conversation with your manager.

Pay Raise Prep School's Crash Course has a proven seven-step process to help you get ready, get confident and get a Yes to your pay raise request.

Yes, even by next week.

But you're anxious to ask, right?

In fact, maybe you're so nervous about it that your mind freezes; you can't even think of a plan for how you'll handle the pay raise meeting.

You want to make a pitch to your manager for more, yet you fear rejection more than anything, right? So you figure you'll end up disappointed by a paltry pay increase—again.

When you're underpaid or undervalued, all this is frustrating, isn't it?

But this time, it CAN be different.

The Secret of Women Who Get Higher Raises:
Special Preparation Breeds Confidence

If you dove into the research on gender and negotiation, (and I’ve done that for you), you’d discover that women who prepare for their performance review in a particular way get higher raises.

Could you do what they do?

YES. In seven methodical steps over three days, the Pay Raise Prep Crash Course translates the research into specific action steps so you have a clear, customized plan for what to DO and SAY to get a decent pay raise.

(Don't worry; the content does not take three full days to complete; it's simply well-paced so you can complete it after work or over a weekend.)

Your new action plan strips out the self-doubt and bakes in the tactics you need to pull it off with confidence.

Angie V.Engineer and Production Manager, Boston

My manager said that...he couldn’t do the $80k I asked for; eventually, we agreed on $75k [up from $60k]. I had to really stay firm and not take No for an answer to get a raise of this level. I’m so glad I pulled it off! Your [crash course] made a difference in my preparation and confidence to get there. Thank you so much! (PS: Before her training, Angie said, "I really need to gain the confidence to ask for what I deserve." And she did!)

Inside the Crash Course You Get...

Worksheets, templates and tactics so you know what to DO.

Scripts, scripts and more scripts so you know what to SAY each step of the way.

Action-based steps that make a big difference in your "asking behavior" so that you can get a big difference in your pay raise outcome. There's a preview of the 7 steps below.

Replace Panic with Preparation

As you complete each of the seven preparation steps in the course, you’ll fill in the Pay Raise Meeting Planner.

The Planner becomes a handy two-page summary and communications road map to keep you focused and confident during the pay raise conversation.

7-Step Preparation + Pay Raise Meeting Planner = Ready and Confident for the Pay Raise Meeting.

Fill in Your Pay Raise Meeting Planner

Bonus 30-Minute Consultation: $125 Value

Once you've completed the course and filled in the Pay Raise Meeting Planner, request a private consultation where I'll review and discuss your plan before you meet with your manager.

Here's a Preview of the 7 Steps

Step 1
Request the Pay Raise Meeting

  • Scripts: Know exactly what to say to request the pay raise meeting
  • Use the Pre-Meeting template to present your job performance "proof"

Step 2
Set Your Pay Raise Goals

  • How to be firm, not floundering, in naming exactly the right amount
  • Get specific guidelines that form a solid framework for negotiating

Step 3
Select and Refine Your Opening Lines

  • Choose a script to make your request (without being pushy)
  • Practice the exact lines so it sounds natural

Step 4
Generate Lots of Options to Agreement

  • Keep the conversation going with agreeable options to negotiate
  • Use the examples and worksheet to develop your long list of options

Step 5
How to Reply to Objections

  • Get a conversation framework for addressing any objection
  • Scripts: You get 7 pages of scripted replies that neutralize a No

Step 6
How to Ace the Meeting with Confidence

  • Use research-backed tactics to tame your anxiety about asking
  • Apply easy talking tricks that prime a positive response from your boss

Step 7
Role-Play Your Pay Raise Meeting

  • Anticipate and control your emotional responses to the conversation
  • Get a step-by-step guide of best-practice tips for best outcomes

Zero Risk on Your Part
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Complete the Pay Raise Prep Crash Course and its seven steps within 30 days of your enrollment. Then, if you don't feel it made a measurable difference in your level of clarity and confident readiness to ask for a raise, send me an email and your completed Pay Raise Meeting Planner (a refund requirement) by the end of day 30 to get a 100% refund.

Money-back Guarantee

About Your Instructor, Pat Katepoo

Pat Katepoo

Hi, I'm Pat. I started Pay Raise Prep School for Women as a spin-off of services at, online since 1997. There, thousands of women have discovered how to get approval of flexible work, longer maternity leave, and higher pay.

Let me be your guide as you get ready to ask for a raise under a pressing deadline. The Pay Raise Prep Crash Course builds on my two decades of experience advising professionals, plus it weaves in the curated tactics of “what works” from top negotiation researchers in the USA.

Why a crash course? Because I know you're in a hurry to get results. Let's get going!

It Works, Yet It's NOT For Everyone

My clients are smart, interesting career women and I love working with them. You're probably in that category, too, yet the Crash Course still might not be a good fit for you. Best to find that out now. Please do NOT enroll if:

Your idea of online training is to consume some videos and then you're done.
The course content is not simply information about asking for a raise—you can get that anywhere. It's about building skills and applying research-backed tactics to get the raise results you want. If you're not willing to DO the action steps (and they're not found in videos), you're not a match.

You're unwilling to trust the process and follow the course structure.
If you plan to pick and choose which steps to complete, or lightly skim through them, you won't get the outcomes this course was explicitly designed to reach. (Especially if you skip Step 7.) It's better than you skip the entire course.

You don't have time to complete the seven steps before the scheduled meeting with your manager.
If your meeting is in a few days, or worse, tomorrow, even this Crash Course can't help. You need at least three days before the meeting to complete all seven steps in the course. Otherwise, it's a wash.

Who This Course IS For

Are you a good fit for the Pay Raise Prep Crash Course? The answer is Yes if you meet the following criteria.

You're underpaid or undervalued at your current job.
You're a solid performer yet your salary lags behind industry standards, your level of achievements, or both. You've decided that another year of underearning is not an option and it's time to be proactive about your pay.

You're committed to being well-prepared for your pay raise request this time.
You recognize that winging it, preparing half-way, or giving in to your fears are not viable pay raise request strategies. You're eager to take a proven path to better negotiating behaviors and raise results.

You're in a hurry.
The timing is ripe to ask because of a recent job achievement or promotion. Or your performance review is due and scheduled. In any case, you don't want to miss your chance for a nice salary jump and you need help preparing to ask for your raise now.

You can follow a recipe.
If you like doing the methodical steps of a workshop or workbook, you'll like the skill-by-skill design found in the seven steps of the Pay Raise Prep Crash Course. And you'll enjoy the "finished product," too.

If you're a match, I'd be pleased to help you reach your pay goals. Enroll now and let's get started.

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Cost Comparisons

Cost of Harvard's Program on Negotiation One-Day Training


Cost of Karrass Seminar
Two-Day Training


Cost of She Negotiates Consulting One-Hour Fee

$350 to $450

Pay Raise Prep
Crash Course

7 Guided Raise Preparation Steps

3 Well-Paced Modules Over 3 Days

4 Concise PDF Lessons

12 Prep Tools: Three sets of scripts, plus worksheets and templates

Lifetime Online Course Access

30 Days of Email Support

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

A New Readiness to Ask—Fast!

Consultation & Review of your Pay Raise Meeting Planner, $125 value

Only $199

3 Reasons to Enroll Now


Your Performance Review is Coming Up

It's due or it's scheduled, so you need to prepare now.  Get your opening lines, your replies, your pay raise targets, and more, so that you're rock-solid ready to ask for higher pay.


Your Job Has Recently Expanded

This needs attention ASAP before it's tacitly perceived as acceptable. Find out how to get your salary to match your wider scope of job responsibilities now before it's too late to ask.


Your Pay is Below Industry Standards

A market value salary adjustment is often the easiest type of pay raise to get, but only if you ask for it. You're losing earnings every single month; stop your losses now.


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