Asking for a Raise
Doesn't Have to Be So Scary

Our online course teaches a three-stage process that
gets you ready to ask with rock-solid confidence
so you can finally get the raise you deserve.

I know you're anxious to ask...

It's not just you; lots of women have told me their fears about asking. You know you need to have the pay raise conversation, but you're not sure how. And more than anything, you're afraid of a No, right? 

...and your fear causes you to either:


Because you're too nervous to ask, you don't bring it up. So you're still waiting for your raise (sigh).


You know the meeting is important, but preparing for it seems so overwhelming. So you don't.


You want to prepare for the meeting but you don't how to develop a plan that will work for your situation.

But it can be different next time.

How to Be Rock-Solid
Ready to Ask for a Big Raise

Without feeling scared, pushy or greedy. Watch the video now.

The Ready to Ask Master Class

Follow the 3-Stage Pay Raise Process for Proven Results

Build Your Case

Present your request with persuasive proof that makes it easy for your boss to say Yes to your request.

Build Your Custom Plan

Craft a custom plan to include a solid strategy and clear pay raise goals that match your job situation.

Build Your Confidence

Use research-backed tactics to tame your meeting anxiety. Get scripts of what to say throughout the meeting.

My manager notified me that she went back to HR to discuss the points I made about my value and salary. She was able to [make my case] with them and instead of the 5% merit increase, I am getting 11% more! Jessie T., Account Executive, Public Relations, Chicago

I was able to secure a 14% pay raise and a reclassification into a new pay grade...Pat’s advice allowed me to anticipate conversations and have crisp, confident responses for all possible objections... Emily, Technology Marketing Exec, Atlanta. Hers was a Merit Raise for excellent performance.

Following your plan exactly really worked. My boss went to bat for me with management. End result: a 14% increase, putting me at the upper end of the [range] for my position. And the best thing is, I feel confident that I’m worth it and so does the management team who reviewed my accomplishment list. Thanks!
Melanie, RDN, Communications Professional, Competitive Pay Raise

Here's What's Inside
Your Online Master Class

Whether you prefer viewing the video (~5 minutes) or reading, here are more details about what you'll find inside the Ready to Ask Master Class course.

The Ready to Ask Master Class is a step-by-step online pay raise negotiation training. It's like a workshop where you actively apply what you're learning to your unique job situation. But instead of a one-day event, the learning is paced over two to four weeks as an online course. (Take more or less time; in fact, it's 100% self-paced.) Plus you get personal access to instructor support for eight weeks from the date of your enrollment.

Module 1
Build Your Case for a Bigger Raise

Tools & Tactics to Make It Easier for Your Boss to Say Yes

  • Scripts: What to say to request the pay raise meeting
  • How to position your achievements to boost your perceived value
  • Use the Pre-Meeting Memo template for your "proof" presentation

Module 2
Build Your Custom Plan of Action

Map Out a Strategy to Reach Your Big Raise Goal

  • How to set your pay raise goals so you know exactly how much to ask for
  • Discover a little-used tactic to get a bigger raise than you thought possible
  • How to "own" your higher salary goal without feeling greedy or ungrateful

Module 3
Build Your Confidence to Master the Meeting

Techniques That Get You from Nervous to Natural

  • Fool-proof, research-backed tactics to tame your anxiety about asking
  • Reply to objections and neutralize No to reach your goals no matter what
  • Easy communication tricks that invite a positive response from your boss

Extra Module to Put It All into Action
Master the Meeting

Tipping-Point Steps Transform the Pay Raise Conversation

  • Pick and practice your opening lines with variations based on your scenario
  • Fill in the final sections of your Pay Raise Meeting Planner (pictured)
  • Finishing touch technique that ramps up your meeting confidence 10x
Pay Raise Meeting Planner

Instructor Input by Email and Phone
Self-Guided Learning + 1:1 Support

Office Hours = Personal Access to Support

  • Your pay is private and so is the personal support you access, if needed
  • Get free access for a full 8 weeks from the date of your enrollment
  • Includes some after-work hours so you can speak from the privacy of home

100% Money Back Guarantee
Zero Risk on Your Part

Take 30 Days to Complete the Course

Complete the Master Class and all its assignments within 30 days of your enrollment. Then, if you don't feel you're at a new level of clarity and confident readiness to ask for a raise, send me an email and your fully-completed Pay Raise Meeting Planner (a refund requirement) by the end of day 30 and I’ll refund 100% of your tuition. (Note: No refunds for just changing your mind.)

Get These Bonuses with Your Enrollment

7 Pages of Scripts and Replies to Objections

To keep the conversation going in the face of pushback, you get seven-plus pages of scripts and replies to common objections such as:

"We don't have the budget for your raise request."

"I'd like to grant you a raise but it's not my decision."​

"You're already at the top of the pay scale."​

No matter which type of raise you want or what type of objection you face, you'll know what to say to move toward mutual agreement. Enroll now.

30-Minute Strategy Session by Phone

Meet with Pat Katepoo and choose from these types of support:

Review your Pay Raise Meeting Plan and fine-tune your strategy

Devise custom scripts for your specific job situation

General Q & A and support to match your needs

$125+ value yet included with your Master Class tuition

You'll Love the Format and Schedule

It's a winning combination of well-paced (not rushed) self-guided learning plus private 1:1 support if you need it. Request my help in the password-protected student area. I'll email or call you back.

Easy On-the-Go Listening

Each audio lesson is a bite-sized 3 to 12 minutes to foster concise step-by-step learning. (You get PDF transcripts, too.)

Downloadable Prep Tools

The pay raise preparation tools are the keys to your success. This is the "doing" that transforms how you ask and get a raise.

Be Ready to Ask in 3 Weeks

Get instant access to all modules and self-pace your progress. Completion in two to four weeks is a comfortable pace.

What Makes the Master Class Different?

You've read lots of books and articles on this topic but...

Reading has you consuming content with little impact on your behavior or results.

In contrast, the Ready to Ask Master Class has you doing and applying its content to produce better negotiating behavior and bigger pay raises.

I've labored literally hundreds of hours to design a course that walks you step-by-step through a proven Pay Raise Process in a way that fosters measurable outcomes.

Some women who have done the Pay Raise Process before you have seen remarkable results—raises of 10%, 14%, 17% or more. Others simply got their best raise ever.

Plus you get my 1:1 support. You won't find that in any book, blog or LinkedIn post!

About Your Instructor, Pat Katepoo

Pat Katepoo

Hi, I'm Pat. I started Pay Raise Prep School for Women as a spin-off of my services at, online since 1997. (Yes, really. 1997!) There, thousands of women have discovered how to get approval of flexible work, longer maternity leave, and higher pay.

The Ready to Ask Master Class builds on my two decades of experience advising professionals, plus it weaves in the curated tactics of “what works” from top negotiation researchers in the USA. You also get my 1:1 support via email and phone. 

Let me be your guide as you get ready to ask so you can finally get the raise you deserve. My advice has been featured in many media outlets, yet working directly with career women is what I like and do best. Let's meet inside the Ready to Ask Master Class.

Are you wondering: Will it work for me?

Yes! Work the process and it will work for you

Think about the before-and-after Plaza Ambush Makeovers on the Today Show: no matter who goes through the process, there is a huge improvement.

That means the transformation is dependent on the process, not the person. Each person starts with a certain degree of makeover potential, yet the process itself works to improve every single one of them.

The Master Class is Your Pay Raise Negotiation Makeover

Likewise, when you DO the Pay Raise PROCESS in the Master Class, you will experience a huge improvement in your preparation and confidence.

You'll be prepared and empowered in new ways to ask for (and get) the raise you want.

PS: Go for your new After outcome in the Ready to Ask Master Class now. You can do this!

What's the Cost?

What is it costing you not to enroll?
How much income are you losing by not being ready to ask?
Without pay raise training, you're losing thousands of dollars a year, every year.

Okay, now the good news. 
Your affordable tuition for the Ready to Ask Master Class is a tiny fraction of your costs (above) and it's an investment that pays dividends for years.

Enrollment Info Here ↴↴↴

Cost Comparisons

Cost of Harvard's Program on Negotiation One-Day Training


Cost of Karrass Seminar
Two-Day Training


Cost of She Negotiates Consulting One-Hour Fee

$350 to $450


Master Class

All Prep Process Steps in 4 Modules

15 Concise Audio Lessons

17 Pay Raise Prep Tools

PDF Transcripts of Lessons

Pay Raise Process Progress Checklist

Pay Raise Meeting Planner

Private Strategy Session Bonus

7 Pages of Scripts Bonus

Plus All This

Lifetime Online Course Access

8 Weeks of Instructor Support

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

A New Readiness to Ask!

Only $299

In a hurry? Take the
Pay Raise Prep Crash Course

Compare the two

“Following Pat’s Pay Raise Process is the best way to take confident action and prepare yourself for a successful response from your employer.” 
Andrea Ballard, SPHR, HR Consultant

3 Reasons to Enroll in the Next Session


Your Performance Review is Coming Up

There's always one ahead sooner or later so start preparing now. Get your opening lines, your replies, and everything else you need to do and say to master the pay raise conversation.


Your Job Has Recently Expanded...a Lot

This needs attention ASAP before it's tacitly perceived as acceptable. Find out how to get your salary to match your wider scope of job responsibilities now before it's too late to ask.


Your Pay is Below Industry Standards

A market value salary adjustment is often the easiest type of pay raise to get, but only if you ask for it. You're losing earnings every single month; stop your losses now.

Six Reasons for YOU to Take the Training

Are you a good match? Watch the brief video and find out.


What's the end result of my taking the Ready to Ask Master Class?

How do I access the lessons?

I'm really busy. Will this take a lot of time and work?

What is the recommended PACE of the Ready to Ask Master Class?

What is the FORMAT of the Ready to Ask Master Class?

Is there any interaction with other enrolled students?

What is the Ready to Ask Master Class GUARANTEE?

What if I have more questions before I enroll?