Salary Accelerator Course

Learn How to Get Your Best Raise Ever

Build your case, ask with confidence, and finally get the salary you deserve. 

Use Our Easy Road Map to 
Follow the Pay Raise Process

Follow the Pay Raise Process...

Build Your Case

Apply persuasive proof that makes it easy for your boss to say Yes.

Build Your Custom Plan

Employ a solid strategy and clear pay raise goals that match your needs.

Build Your Confidence

Use tactics to tame "asking anxiety" and calmly master the meeting.

And Be Rock-Solid Ready to Ask by Next Week

Why You Need Pay Raise Training

If you're tired of under-earning at your job, get the Salary Accelerator Course today. This private online course guides you through a proven three-stage ​process so you know what to DO and SAY to get your best raise ever — without feeling scared, pushy or greedy.

The Way is Clear and Easy

1. Get the Course

2. Do the Pay Raise Process℠

3. Make More ​Money​

The Pay Raise Process Works

I was able to secure a 14% pay raise and a reclassification into a new pay grade...[I] had crisp, confident responses for all possible objections... Emily V., Technology Marketing Exec, Atlanta​

My manager went back to HR to discuss the points I made about my value and salary...instead of the 5% merit increase, I am getting 11% more! Jessie T., RDN, Account Exec, Public Relations, Chicago​

Following your plan exactly really worked. End result: a 14% increase, putting me at the upper end of the [range] for my position. And...I feel confident that I’m worth it...Thanks!
Melanie C., RDN, ​Supermarket Dietitian

Here's What's Included

The Salary Accelerator Course is pay raise negotiation training that makes you more money. It's a $kill-building workshop that guides you through the Pay Raise Process℠ in a convenient online course that's self-paced over 7 days.

Day 1 Module
Set Your Pay Raise Strategy

  • Complete the essential first step that positions you for a higher income
  • Use a fast and simple guide to measure your pay gap
  • How to choose the right type of raise to request to get the best outcome

Day 2 Module
Build Your Case for a Bigger Raise

  • How to determine your work value
  • How to position your achievements to boost your perceived value
  • Use the Pre-Meeting Memo template for your "proof" presentation

Day 3 Module
Build Your Custom Plan of Action

  • How to set your pay raise goals so you know exactly how much to ask for
  • Discover a little-used tactic to get a bigger raise than you thought possible
  • How to "own" your higher salary goal without feeling greedy or ungrateful

Days 4 and 5 Module
Build Your Confidence to Master the Meeting

  • Fool-proof, research-backed tactics to tame your anxiety about asking
  • Reply to objections and neutralize No to reach your goals no matter what
  • Easy communication tricks that invite a positive response from your boss

Days 6 and 7 Module
Master the Meeting

  • Pick and practice your opening lines with variations based on your scenario
  • Fill in the Pay Raise Meeting Planner, your handy conversation road map
  • Finishing touch technique that ramps up your meeting confidence 10x

That's seven days to your best-ever raise. Start now.

When You ​Enroll Today, You Also Get These FREE Bonus Resources Worth $250

Bonus #1
Pay Raise Meeting Planner

​Have a clear plan for exactly what to say ​when you're face-to-face with your manager. It's your pay raise conversation road map from start to finish, completely filled in from the work you did in the ​course modules.

Bonus #2
Pay Raise Process Progress Checklist

To get the biggest pay raise results, methodically follow this checklist. Easily keep track of your learning outcomes and guard against missing a step . ​

Bonus #3
7+ Pages of Scripted Replies to Objections

We don't have the budget for your raise. I'd liked to grant you a raise, but it's not my decision.  Now you'll ​​know ​what to say to keep the conversation going and reach mutual agreement no matter what objection your boss brings up.

Bonus #4
Conference Attendance Proposal Template

More detailed than the Academy's email, Approved & Paid: FNCE Attendance Proposal makes a strong and convincing case for employer support to attend the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo. ​For professionals outside of the food and nutrition field, you'll find the template adaptable to pitching attendance at virtually any other conference geared for any profession.

Bonus #5
Six-Week Sabbatical Negotiation Guide

​Stretch your ​negotiable options using this ​workbook and negotiation guide to get 4 ​to 6 weeks off. ​Get directions to make ​it work logistically (e.g., work coverage, health insurance) and financially (i.e., creative ways to fund it). ​

About Your Instructor, Pat Katepoo

Pat Katepoo

Hi, I'm Pat, founder of Pay Raise Prep School, a spin-off of my first website,, online since 1997, where women worldwide have discovered how to get approval of flexible work, longer maternity leave, and higher pay.

The Salary Accelerator Course builds on my two decades of experience advising thousands of professionals how to ask for what they want, and weaves in the curated tactics of “what works” from top negotiation researchers in the USA. Let me be your guide so you can finally get the salary you deserve.

​​What's my investment?

​ How much is your fear of asking ​costing you? ​​​How much money are you missing because you've not had ​​pay ​negotiation training? ​How much longer will ​you ​struggle with finances? How much will you short-change your retirement ​due to ​years of being underpaid? 

Let's face it: ​without the training, you're losing thousands of dollars a year, every year. ​​ Your affordable tuition for the Salary Accelerator Course can give you a 10x return (or more) on your investment now and in all your remaining career years. Enroll today.

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10 concise video and audio lessons to train you in pay raise negotiation

15 Pay Raise Preparation Tools: scripts, templates, checklists

PDF Transcripts of Lessons

Pay Raise Process Checklist to easily track your course outcomes

Pay Raise Meeting Planner, your communications road map

​5 bonuses including: 7+ pages of scripted replies to ​objections

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PS: Following the proven Pay Raise Process℠ inside the Salary Accelerator Course will make the difference in your confidence to ask and the raise results you get. Let me guide you to getting the salary you deserve. Pat Katepoo