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​Underpaid and Afraid to Ask? Here's the Cure ​| VIEW

How Much Money Should You Request? ​​| ​VIEW​

ARTICLES by Pat Katepoo

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The following are affiliate links which lead to Amazon. Don't be put off by the publication dates; the information remains solid.

Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In — If Pay Raise Prep School had a required textbook, this would be it. Learn the proven, time-tested method to reach agreement.

Women Don't Ask is a fascinating look at the why behind women’s reluctant “asking behaviors,” as the authors label it.

Ask For It — After Women Don’t Ask was released, readers clamored for more practical how-to tactics from the authors. This follow-up book delivers the goods. Highly recommended.

A Woman's Guide to Successful Negotiating — The “convince, collaborate and create” is a user-friendly framework for building your negotiating skills. Lots of practical examples.

Negotiation Genius — The intermediate-level book prepares you “…to execute complex negotiations that entail multiple issues, complex analysis and considerable uncertainty.”