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Pat Katepoo of Pay Raise Prep School for Women

Coaching with Pat Katepoo

"I need to talk with you personally about my situation." Is that how you're feeling?

I get it. And you're welcomed to do just that. Because even though Pay Raise Prep School's courses are your best starting point for pay raise training, sometimes you know you need intensive private support to help you reach the pay raise goal you're after.

I invite you to book a private coaching session to help you:

  • Fine-tune your strategy, including a review of your Pay Raise Meeting Planner
  • ​Devise custom scripts for your specific job situation
  • Role-play and rehearse your pay raise meeting via Skype

Interested? Appointments are booked ASAP. Coaching fees are pre-paid as follows: 

  • $299:  90-minute session (for anyone, Prep School student or not )
  • $200:  60-minute session (for Pay Raise Prep School students of any course)
  • $100:  30-minute session (follow-up for prior private clients only)

New job interview? Negotiating salary? Book an ASAP session before you accept the job offer. Let me help you navigate the negotiation towards the best possible pay package.

A Few Examples of Client Outcomes

Denise Private Practice RDN and Nutrition Consultant
Honolulu, HI

Pat helps me navigate the difficult fee conversations that come up with my institutional clients. Most recently, she coached me to negotiate a 15% fee increase with a client that was hard to budge. But I got it! I need her strategies and advice to help me ask for what I’m worth and it’s working.

Emily Technology Marketing Executive
Atlanta, GA

I was able to secure a 14% pay raise and a reclassification into a new pay grade. As a six-figure earner, this is significant! Pat’s advice allowed me to anticipate conversations and have crisp, confident responses for all possible objections.

Monique RDN, Community Nutritionist in New England

I hired Pat for an ASAP coaching session just before my second interview with a new employer, a small non-profit organization. There was mutual interest, but the salary range fell short of my earnings goal. Once the job offer was made, I used the clever strategies and scripts Pat provided to negotiate a creative time/salary trade-off that worked for both parties. 

My new salary matches my old one, yet with 25% fewer hours: a 30-hour, four-day workweek, at-home telework arrangement, with benefits. It was a big win for me. Over the years, I’ve used Pat’s raise services “as needed” with great success. She came through for me once again with outstanding strategies to help me get my goals.