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Pat Katepoo, founder of Pay Raise Prep School

Welcome, dietitians. Here is where I give away as much as I can to help as many RDNs as possible get the pay they deserve. It starts by you subscribing to my special RDN list above. Dietitians who go deeper with premium negotiation training work with me privately to accelerate their pay. Let's talk soon. Pat Katepoo, Founder, Pay Raise Prep School for Women, AND member, and former RDN for 20+ years


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This is probably the most practical, useful information for my career that I have ever seen. Wish I'd had it years ago!

Ellen S., RDN
Director of Nutrition Services

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 Who is Pat Katepoo? (Yes, that rhymes.)

Pat Katepoo

I was a RDN for 20+ years and I'm a current member of AND and DBC. For years, I’ve been advising career women on how to negotiate flexible work arrangements and higher pay at my first website, WorkOptions.com, online since 1997.

Many of my early pay raise clients—and success stories—were RDNs. Those who followed my Pay Raise Process℠ have enjoyed salary increases of 10%, 14% and more. It surprised even me!

Now, as founder of Pay Raise Prep School for Women, I’m again focusing on RDNs. Why? Because I know the profession, the people, and the untapped pay raise potential that is costing you thousands of dollars a year. Let's turn it around for you and the profession. Get started by subscribing.

Thanks for the opportunity to present at the DBC Spotlight Session at FNCE 2016 in Boston. Along with my friend and co-speaker Jean Caton, the topic presented was Take Charge of Your Career: Earn Greater Income with Higher Impact. Here's the FNCE On-Demand recording of the session (for sale by the Academy).

Pat's content blew me away. It completely changed my perspective on how to approach salary negotiations. What I learned and applied contributed to a sizable double-digit salary increase—way more than I expected. Sarah Hendren, MS, RDN, LDN, CD, Nutrition & Quality Assurance Manager, Dallas, TX

Your [process] gave me the confidence to ask for what I wanted. Using the strategies to negotiate pay in response to a new job offer, I was able to reach the top of the position's salary range, a nearly 25% pay increase from the position I left. Thank you!

Laura Koller
Dialysis RDN

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