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Start the Pay Raise Process in 3 Simple Steps

You'll use the following three worksheets to set the foundation of your pay raise strategy.


Determine the Market Value of Your Job

You get five ways to determine how much you're underpaid so you can start to make an objective case for more.


How to Measure Your Pay Gap

Don't guess how much to ask for. Use this fast and simple guide to get the range of the raise you should request.


Choose the Right Type of Raise to Request

The answer you get from this worksheet forms the foundation of your pay raise strategy. It's eye-opening!

Add These Two Training Videos

The Easiest Pay Raise You'll Ever Get

It's not just you: why women are afraid to ask for more money

The role of relationships in reaching your pay potential (or not)

What it takes to fuel your confidence in the pay raise meeting

The Easiest Pay Raise You'll Ever Get

Discover how to get a Yes to your request for competitive pay

What to say to turn your boss into your pay raise advocate

Case Study: RDN gets a double-digit raise during a wage freeze

That's the FREE Starter Course, That Fast

How fast? Step 1 takes about an hour. Steps 2 and 3, only two minutes. Add the videos and you'll have your pay raise strategy in about 90 minutes. Enroll now.

Here's How It Looks on the Inside

Once you click Enroll, you'll create a free student account and have instant access to the Starter Course.

Plus You Get This Bonus Resource

Preview the Pay Raise Meeting Planner

This meeting road map is a tool used in the Pay Raise Prep Crash Course and the Ready to Ask Master Class premium course, but you get to grab it inside the free Starter Course.

Pay Raise Meeting Planner

About Your Instructor, Pat Katepoo

Pat Katepoo

Hi, I'm Pat. I started Pay Raise Prep School for Women as a spin-off of my services at, online since 1997. (Yes, really. 1997!) There, thousands of women have discovered how to get approval of flexible work, longer maternity leave, and higher pay.

My Pay Raise Strategy Starter Course has the foundation steps that ALL my clients and students must complete to get their best raise ever. Whatever else you do here at Pay Raise Prep School, these three steps are essential to your pay raise success. Enroll in the Starter Course today.

“I followed your instructions to the letter. I asked for a 10% raise—and just received it. Your information is current and valid...very good. Thanks.” Carmen A., Virginia