Your Boss Says No. Now What?

When it’s time for your pay raise meeting, are you ready to handle objections?

Your Boss Says No. Now What?

One of the many reasons why asking for a raise can be uncomfortable is that you’re unsure how your manager will respond.

In fact, even if you present a solid case for a pay raise to your manager, you should expect some sort of pushback to your request.

During the pay raise meeting, a “No” comes in the form of reasons (or smoke-screen excuses) and objections. Below are four common ones.

Four Common Objections

I’d like to give you a raise, but it’s not in the budget.

Number 1

I’d like to grant you a raise, but it’s not my decision (authority) to do so.

Number 2

I can’t give you a merit raise; you know this organization only gives COLA (Cost of Living) increases.

Number 3

I can’t give you a raise; you’re already at the top of the pay scale for your position.

Number 4

Now What?

At this juncture, your aim is to keep the conversation going. Whatever form it takes, don’t let “No” end the negotiation.

Instead, engage your manager in a collaborative problem-solving approach to addressing the roadblock.

Gently probe to uncover more information, viewpoints, interests and agendas related to the objection. Try starting your questions with:

  • “I wonder if…”
  • “Do you think…”
  • “How about we…”
  • “Would it be possible to…”

As you get more input, you might see and suggest creative ways to get to agreement on the issues.

“But You Don’t Know My Manager!”

If you’re ready to present your alternative options that get around the obstacles, you might be surprised at what’s possible, even with your manager.

That means you must prepare ahead of time.

So before your meeting, anticipate all the objections, reasons, arguments or obstacles your manager might have for not granting your pay raise request. Then develop a ready response for each one.

Not easy, I realize. But that is part of the hard work of preparation that fosters a successful negotiation.

Is preparing to address a No worth a potential $3000, $5000 or $10,000 more a year in your bank account? My guess is Yes.

There’s Help in Handling Objections

In Pay Raise Prep School’s Salary Accelerator Course, you get a proven tactic that addresses virtually ANY objection to your raise request, and then pivots the conversation to address alternative solutions.

Plus you get more than seven pages of scripted replies to the four objections above, with a variety of options from which to pick and choose.

It’s all part of the Pay Raise Process that equips you to master the pay raise conversation. Even diffusing a No, in whatever form it takes. Get started today.